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There is no doubt that we all love Fairuz, Emm Kalthoum and Wadee3 el Saafi. They are the icons of the Lebanese culture and almost every Lebanese local wakes up every morning, makes coffee and listens to Fariuz to slowly wake up having a good mood.

There are even videos of Fairuz on YouTube titled ‘Mornings with Fairuz’. We call their songs Fairuzeyat.

However, this doesn’t mean that there are no Lebanese bands on the rise now, that also delivers big joy in listening to them.

Learning a language also means getting to know the culture of that country, so what’s better than listening to some local music from local Lebanese bands to help your process in learning the Lebanese Arabic dialect!

Here are my top 4 Lebanese bands that I like to listen to from time to time, and also believe that they would be able to provide you good value in learning the Lebanese Arabic dialect.

1.     Mashrou3 Leila
I knew the existence of the band Mashrou3 Leila back when I finished high school and was going to college. They were still small back then and nobody knew them. Basically, just me and a couple of other Lebanese from all over Lebanon were listening to them. It wasn’t until their second Album ‘El Hal Romancy’ when they started getting momentum and started exploding not only across Lebanon but also worldwide.

Here is their channel:

2.     Meen the Band
If you are looking for some funky band that produces music to dance and also laugh to, then Meen the Band is the band for you! The singer Fouad Yammine is also an actor and a show presenter. He is well known in Lebanon (He was in the movies Where Do We Go Now and The Insult that I mentioned in one of my previous Emails)
Meen the Band also produces songs mocking the political and social situations in Lebanon.

Their channel:

3.     Yasmine Hamdan
If you are looking for some calm deep Lebanese music, then I would recommend Yasmine Hamdan. Her songs were featured in a couple of movies. Some might describe her style as ‘hot and sexy’ especially in how she sings. She also sings very clear and would definitely recommend you to listen to her music!

Her channel:

4.     Arnabeat
Which ironically also means Cauliflower. This four-piece rock band called Arnabeat fuses oriental and western music, delivering fresh tunes across the Middle East and Europe, and has also toured in Canada.

Their channel:


Listen to their music and let me know what you think!

Remember, if you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to send me an email anytime you want.


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